Original dental devices to prevent snoring and sleep apnea

Sleep is sweet without snoring

“Quiet Nights” provides a variety of tailor made dental appliances for snoring and sleep apnea, personally fitted by a dentist with special training in this field. The Dental Solution is a small and comfortable retainer worn on the teeth on while sleeping. The device prevents snoring and sleep apnea by preventing the lower jaw from falling back while sleeping. Each patient receives a tailor made dental device, chosen by the dentist from a variety of options. The dentist closely monitors each patient until the device functions well.

About the Advantages of the Dental Solution

The Dental Solution is the right treatment for many people suffering from snoring and sleep apnea. The dental appliance offered by “Quiet Nights” is one of the best in the marketplace; it is aesthetic and does not require wearing uncomfortable masks.

(C-PAP), nor invasive actions such as undergoing various surgeries. The Dental Solution is the ideal solution, providing the user with an efficient and comfortable nocturnal dental device.

What are the major advantages of a dental device for snoring and sleep apnea?

Ease of use – the dental device is used only on healthy teeth, and the adjustment period is brief. After the adjustment period, the patient will be comfortable wearing the device while asleep. Better sleep – the Dental Solution enables the free flow of air and oxygen to the lungs, thus providing a pleasant sleep free of snoring and sleep apnea. Better functioning during the day – the use of a dental device which prevents snoring and sleep apnea results in an increased level of alertness during the day, because the person using the device sleeps better, with no interruptions through the night. Dental devices for treating snoring and sleep apnea are used worldwide. “Quiet Nights” offers dental appliances which have been developed here in Israel. The dentists who work with “Quiet Nights” have received special training in this field.